Worried about the coronavirus?  Here’s a product to keep you relaxed while building immunity!

Author: Olivia Deloian – March 17, 2020


With all of the craziness that is happening in the world right now, anxiety is skyrocketing at the thought that someone in our lives will be affected by COVID-19. It seems as if our lives have been put on hold along with the closing of jobs, universities, schools—forcing our minds to focus on the unknown and putting us all into panic mode.


So if you are waiting it out inside, let’s turn our attention to something a little more positive. Here are some ways to build immunity and alleviate your anxiety all at the same time.


Did you know that honey is an immunity booster? Uh-huh, honey! According to this study by Michigan State University, Raw honey is proven to have antioxidants that build immunity along with vitamins, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties.


So, put the kettle on! There’s no better combo than tea and honey, and TROPICBD’s Raw Hemp Honey is the perfect addition to whatever tea you choose.

Not only does the honey build immunity, but the CBD properties within it can help alleviate your anxiety and force the worry away. According to Simplypsychology, stress is proven to lower your immunity, therefore worrying will only serve to make matters worse. So remaining calm, while consuming antioxidants is really a force to be reckoned with when it comes to staying healthy.


In addition to stirring in our honey, choosing the right tea could be important too.


Chamomile tea is proven to also help reduce anxiety and insomnia as it has often been used as a sleep-aid, according to this report by Healthline. Not only is sleep vital when it comes to immunity, but chamomile also is proven to have antibacterial and has anti-inflammatory properties. Double the benefits!


Ginger tea has been used in the East for years, as it is known to also contain antioxidants and controls inflammation as well—both good for the immune system. It’s spiced goodness with the combination of honey is incredibly soothing on sore throats.

No matter what you choose, it’s comforting to know that there are numerous natural remedies to help keep us calm and healthy.

So take a deep breath, get your kettle ready, open that jar of honey, and sip away.