A Good Start.

TropiCBD was founded with one mission and one goal: to help us give back to our pets who give so much to us. That’s why we ensure that our products are manufactured and created with the utmost care and precision. It starts with our carefully planted hemp and doesn’t end until our product makes it to your home.

Our Farm…

It all starts on our farm in north-eastern Colorado. Two years ago we agreed to partner exclusively with a USDA Organic farm out of Colorado run by a company that understood our goals and the needs of our customers. There are countless strains of hemp and that’s why it was so important for us to ensure we partnered with a farm that knew exactly what we were looking for. Besides being certified organic, we elected to partner with a farm that exceeded USDA standards and has never used any forms of pesticides or heavy metals in their production.

We worked carefully with the farm to ensure a strain of hemp was grown with the maximum CBD strains while minimizing the occurrence of THC (both for legal reasons as well as to ensure the safety of our furry friends). What we came up with is our own brand of hemp plant grown with no pesticides in soil that has never known heavy metals or chemicals. The resulting oil is packed with varieties of cannabinoids most likely to benefit the brain of our pets and ensure the entourage effect (the benefit induced by combining varying compounds of the hemp plant).

Extraction Matters.

Growing the perfect hemp plant wasn’t enough. We needed to make sure that we maintained our USDA Organic status all the way through the process of harvesting and extraction. CO2 is the best way to be sure that the resulting oil is free of any harmful chemicals. Our extraction uses the entire plant to maximize the benefit of oil and get the most from the naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Test First!

Each time we harvest and collect our next batch of CBD oil, our first step is to send it out for testing. TropiCBD uses 3rd party testing and each test is available upon request and requires only the batch number.

A third party test is crucial not only to ensure that our hemp oil is below the legal THC required by law, but also to best address the concerns over chemical composition and CBD concentration.

In its raw and pure form, CBD loaded Hemp oil is a bitter pulpy substance and is far too bitter to be used in a product. But this is where the fun begins. Carefully mixing and straining the biomass to create our water soluble, highly bio-available hemp oil loaded with CBD takes work. But this is what sets us apart.


Bio-availability refers to the ability of any compound to have an effect on the body. CBD in its pure form, even when diluted, has a low bio-availability (rough 10 – 30%). That’s what makes our process so unique and beneficial.

Our first step is to combine the raw hemp oil with a strained MCT oil to create a lipid-transfer that allows the oil to be more easily absorbed. MCT oil stands for medium-chain-triglyceride and is the form of healthy saturated fat that has a high metabolic rate. Derived most often from coconut MCT oil has recently become famous for its health benefits. Not all MCT oil is created equal. That’s why we use a strain of MCT that has removed all the long-chain-triglycerides and is, in-fact, a combination of caproic and caprylic acid. Sounds complex? It is! But trust when we say this is the best way to make sure the benefits of this super-oil are maximized.

Once we have based the MCT oil, Hemp oil blend to suitable levels, we use a micro encapsulation process to truly mix the two components resulting in a high level of water solubility and therefore maximum bio-availability.

Now what?

So we have highly bio-available Hemp oil with a potent amount of naturally occurring CBD – what do we do with it?

TropiCBD follows the same careful guidance with each of their products as they do with their CBD. Many companies source good hemp but forget to follow the same guidance when they start mixing it with the rest of their products. Our organic hemp is carefully blended into each of our organic products. From our bites to our oil to the honey we source locally, we ensure that our products are made with zero chemicals, no heavy metals and absolutely no pesticides.

We ensure our Bites are vegan so that the careful attention we pay to our water solubility isn’t lost by competing meat fats and we package our products with care in USDA approved packaging with simple and easy to follow guidance.