TROPICBD™ Raw Hemp Honey (12oz)


TropiCBD’s 100% pure raw honey is taken straight from the beehive and loaded with our water soluble, full spectrum hemp oil.  Packed with healthy enzymes and anti-oxidants, and including 600 mg of actively occurring CBD in each jar, we have crafted the perfect blend of nutrients to create the ultimate superfood!

Perfect for coating your pet’s favorite treats, spreading on his toys or even feeding straight from the jar – this honey is ideal for helping keep your pet calm and relaxed and ensuring a healthy, happy, and pain free lifestyle.


While you’re at it, enjoy a spoon full too or spread it on your toast for a healthy and relaxing alternative.  Every one of TropiCBD’s products are made with human ingredients.  We use them ourselves!


Active Ingredients: (per jar) Full spectrum hemp oil… 3,200 mg (with 600 mg of actively occurring CBD
Inactive Ingredients: (per jar) Raw & unfiltered honey.

For best results, use TropiCBD Raw Honey 30-45 minutes outside of feeding window.  Use ½ teaspoon for every 50 lb of pet. (~96 servings)

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