TROPICBD™ Hemp Honey Sticks


TropiCBD honey sticks are a fantastic alternative to Bites or oil, after-all, who doesn’t love honey? 

With 20 mg of actively occurring CBD in each stick, TropiCBD honey is a great treat for your anxious pet or simply as a snack on a long car ride.  Our honey is unfiltered and unprocessed and made local to the Illinois & Wisconsin market and is packed with anti-allergens making it great for you and your pet alike.

Unlike other Hemp honey sticks, TropiCBD offers only full spectrum and water soluble hemp for maximum effect and long lasting benefit.

Active Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil… 105mg, (Contains 20 mg of actively occurring CBD)
Inactive Ingredients: Unprocessed Honey

For best results, start with ¼ stick for every 10 pounds of pet.  TropiCBD honey has no known contraindications and no known negative side effects.

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