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  • Is CBD Oil different from Hemp oil?
    Simply put, yes. While hemp oil has many popular industrial applications, it has low medicinal value. In contrast, TropiCBD full-spectrum organic CBD is sourced for CBD’s maximum benefits to actually manage and alleviate a variety of ailments.Visit our “about us” page to learn more about the benefits of CBD.

  • How much CBD oil is in each TropiCBD teat?

    Each treat contains 4mg of organic full-spectrum CBD- just the right amount to be given daily as a delicious antioxidant boost.

  • How often should I give my pet a TropiCBD Treat?

    TropiCBD treats can be given daily.
    That means a daily dose of delicious treats filled with anti-oxidants and wholesale minerals your pet craves!
    We recommend half a treat for pets under 25LBS. If your furry friend is over 25LBS, we suggest one whole treat.
    TropiCBD can be given every 8 hours, or as needed.

  • Why does “full-spectrum” CBD oil make a difference?

    Full-spectrum CBD means that TropiCBD is sourced from the whole plant and contains an assortment of added benefits of essential vitamins and minerals.

  • What makes TropiCBD different than the other guys?

    We don’t mean to brag, but we are the only guys that can offer certified organic, gluten-free and vegan ingredients. That right, even if your furry friend is a bit on the sensitive side, our limited and honest ingredient list means they too can receive the goodness of TropiCBD treats!

  • Are TropiCBD treats legal?

    Good news-yes!

  • Are there any side effects?

    There are no known negative side effects associated with CBD oil. On the contrary, CBD works to easy ailments without any additional feelings.

  • Does TropiCBD interact with other medications?

    CBD is safe to use with other medications. Simply continue to give TropiCBD treats along with your pet’s medication to get the additive benefits of our wholesome antioxidants.

  • Do TropiCBD treats have a “high” effect?

    CBD is a non-toxic, non-psychoactive substance. CBD can only neutralize unfavorable effects associated with pet ailments. That means there is no getting “high” for your furry friend.

  • Can I give TROPICBD to any of my pets?

    TropiCBD is safe for all pets. Our certified organic, gluten-free ingredients means that all pets can enjoy the benefits of TropiCBD.