Author: Olivia Deloian – March 24, 2020

Dogs Get Seasonal Allergies Too—Here’s How to Help Them


Spring has sprung, and though we’re all ready for the sunshine and flowers, seasonal allergies are just lurking around the corner making many of us to stop in our tracks and avoid smelling the roses. But did you know that dogs face these too?


Dogs on the other hand react to allergies in a different way. Inflammation from an allergen can cause irritation, dry skin in patches, all that can lead to damage of their hair follicles. In addition, many dogs bite at these spots causing further irritation.


Fortunately, there are many components that can help your furry friend alleviate the discomfort of their allergies—

introducing our TROPICBD™ Soothing Balm.


Our balm is made up of a variety of different oils that in return, do exactly that—soothe. Let’s break them down, shall we?

·  Coconut oil: According to the American Kennel Association, when used topically, this is known to treat hot spots, bites, or itchy dry skin. The combination of the fatty acids and Medium Chain Triglycerides all are what make this so relieving. It can also help your dog’s coat look glossy too!


·  Olive oil:  This oil offers fast relief because of the consistency and thickness of the oil infused by Vitamin E and similar fatty acids. The thickness penetrates the coat and thus is able to get to the skin much faster. Plus, it’s not as messy when it’s combined in the balm!


· Rosemary Oil: Rosemary is a natural anti-inflammatory property for dogs, and is great at fighting redness, irritation, swelling, etc. It’s also a bug-repellent which is an extra-plus for getting rid of any added irritation!


· Full Spectrum Hemp Oil: This is another anti-inflammatory, that allows the skin to relax and alleviate any of the itch or bumps that come from the reaction. It will also calm your dog down too! 



Overall, the combination of all of these oils into our Soothing Balm knocks those allergens right out of the park. Take your dog for a walk, play fetch in that field, and enjoy your spring time. They will too.